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Carbon pollution is a problem for the world and you can start helping locally.

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Why join Make My Car Invisible?

Clear your conscience

Rest assured that your car’s carbon emissions aren’t needlessly polluting the atmosphere.

Protect the environment

By purchasing climate certificates you improve your carbon footprint and contribute to climate protection.

Help the future

Reducing emissions helps combat global warming and ensures our planet is sustainable for future generations.

How does Make Your Car Invisible work?

Carbon offset means compensating the carbon pollution that you emit by preventing pollution produced elsewhere. An MMCI Membership sponsors projects that reduce or clean carbon pollution, offsetting the carbon released by your car.

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Your Car Emissions

When you drive your car produces carbon emissions.

MMCI Membership

Purchase an MMCI Membership that suits your car size and usage.

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Carbon Offsetting

The funds from your purchase support carbon storing initiatives in the US.

The average American produces 17 tonnes of CO2 a year.

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Your car alone creates up to 4 tonnes of that, by becoming a member, you can offset your car impact making it carbon invisible to our environment.

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