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Within the Forest carbon offsets market there are three types of projects that can get approval under protocols to have legally binding actions to gain carbon credits through the Climate Action Reserve. These are Reforestation, Improved Forest Management and Avoided Conversion.

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Reforestation is implemented on land that has less than 10% tree cover and used for non-forest activities or has suffered a catastrophic disturbance event. It is then the activity of replanting trees that enables this land to classify as a reforestation project and gain carbon credits.

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Improved Forest Management

Improved Forest Management are activities that increase (from a calculated baseline) the levels of carbon, such as harvest rotation, increasing length between harvests, not harvesting at all on already forested land, reducing fuel loads to ease fire threat or similar activities that enable the area to be eligible to generate carbon credits.

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avoided conversion

Avoided Conversion

Avoided Conversion projects dedicate land on which there is a significant risk of conversion from forest, grassland and shrubland and thus through binding easements are saved from conversion. Credits are issued according to the amount of carbon that would be emitted from conversion from the forested land.

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