Avoided Conversion

Alligator River

Alligator River consists of 2,372 acres, located in the tidewater region of northeastern North Carolina and resides in the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain Swamp Hardwood and Cypress Assessment Area


North Carolina

Tonnes Offset


Land Mass Protected (acres)



What is this project

The land was originally ditched and drained for clearing over 40 years ago and was subsequently allowed to naturally regenerate as forest. Stands consist of mixed age, native species of pine and bottomland hardwoods. The land includes a majority of high carbon wetland soils that would contribute significantly to carbon emissions if cleared/drained.

The project avoids the release of above ground carbon, below ground carbon, as well as carbon from fossil fuel combustion due to the heavy equipment used in earth clearing and draining. It will also result in the ongoing sequestration of carbon in future biomass growth. The Project offers additional environmental benefits in the form of wetland conservation and protection of habitat bordering the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.


Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Conserve habitat for waterlife species
  • Improve local water quality
  • Retain top soil and control erosion

Community Benefits

  • Local employment
  • Improved area for recreational activities and tourism